Benefits of Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies may benefit in various ways as they are prepared from Natural substances.
• It helps in managing symptoms of Acute and Chronic conditions
• They usually are natural substances used in minute doses
• It can assist in reducing recurrent infections.
• We have seen long term benefits
• No complicated procedures to take remedies
• No bitter pills or painful injections
• Generally no contra-indications but check with your health care provider

What to expect on your first visit

A process called case taking is carried out during your first visit. This is done by asking various questions about ones nature, behaviour, attitudes, reactions and perception about the disease condition. All these factors may deeply relate to the condition and facilitate to establish a better outcome.

It generally takes about an hour to complete this process and the details are entered in the computer based system. At the end of a consult, Homeopathic remedies are provided and a follow up date is noted for the next visit.

How it works

Every case is analysed in depth and an appropriate remedy based on the mental and physical symptoms is prescribed to the individual. The remedies are prepared by diluting natural extracts and assist in boosting the immunity. The homoeopathic medicines help the body to heal naturally and throw out the toxins by restoring equilibrium between the physical and mental health.