• Infant Health

    We moved to Melbourne recently and wanted to find a homeopath for my 5 month old. Consulted Udhay based on reviews when she got cold. I’m so glad I found him. He was very patient and she responded well to the medication. He also treated her teething issues along with cold. And when we had to consult him a second time, he was kind enough to squeeze us in inspire of the late notice. We would definitely recommend Mr. Udhay to our friends if needed.

    By Muthulakshmi Vallinayagam (Facebook - 2017)

  • Hair loss

    One of my friends suggested me to visit Uday for my hair fall. I had tried many hair loss treatments earlier without much success and therefore I made an appointment with Uday. After being on the remedies for just a month I found a lot of difference in my hair fall. It was almost 70% better. It is four months now and I can see a remarkable difference. My hair looks healthier with a good growth. I feel more confident and happy now.

    With Thanks,

    By George (2015)

  • Migraine

    The absolute best. A consultation/diagnosis that made me feel like I was talking to a friend that cared about me. That makes going to the doctor something to anticipate and not dread. Very professional and helpful.


    By Shelly D (2015)

  • Skin issues

    I am visiting Uday Nagarkar’s clinic – Radical Cure Homoepathy Clininc for just over 2 years. I was suffering from Hyper tension and stress. However after speaking to Uday in detail he was able to identify the core issue and started the treatment. The medicine took a couple of weeks to kick in but was extremely effective. The fees are very reasonable and affordable.


    By Vikram Gohil (2014)

  • Asthma and Psoriasis

    I have been seeing Uday for psoriasis and Asthma for the last 3 years and I have seen a significant difference in my condition. My psoriasis has practically disappeared (I had it in 3-4 spots on my body) and I haven’t taken Ventolin since I can remember. He also treats my 4 year old for general aliments like cold, cough, flu etc and I haven’t given her any antibiotics for infections at all. Her health and immunity has also increased since being treated by Uday.

    Uday is highly recommended and you can been assured he will give you the correct advise at all times.

    many thanks,

    By Karishma Udeshi (2014)

  • Hayfever and skin allergies

    Uday is very much instrumental in his abilities to pin point the disease, and hence prescribes medicine which is simply radical in its response. His polite way of asking patient’s concerns and deeply analyzing patient’s situation also prove his good character as a person and sincere passion towards his efforts to overcome the disease. As a result of taking his medicine, within one month I can see myself almost half way towards complete cure from a disease I suffered for years.

    Thank you so much Uday


    By Mehtaab Ahmed (2014)

  • Lichen Planus

    Thank you so much for the difference you make in my life as one of your patient.your kindness,caring and your concern make everything better and Are a great encouragement.so my story starts many years ago when I found that I have unknown disease called lichen planus which makes my skin very ichy and I feels very irritated.As i have seen many skin doctors in india and here in Australia as well but there were only relief for a while and it comes back again . Then I came across uday who gave a positive vibe from my first appointment.if you really asked me I can’t even thank him enough for his all concern,care and those positive talk and my one believe in him.everyday of my life is is really better now only because of him. Highly recommended radical cure homoeopathy clinic manors lakes.

    By Ramanjeet Kaur (Google reviews - 2020)

  • Ear tinnitus and vertigo

    Hi my name is Laraine my knowing Uday started a few years ago when suddenly I began getting bad ringing constantly in my ears as well as buzzing and whooshing. Uday was very kind and listened to my problem. I had already been to Gps and had MRI with nothing wrong. I knew years ago I had positive results from seeing a homeopath so searched one out locally. After a few days on medication I began to see results. I also had bad anxiety from the tinnitus it didn’t give me any peace. I have since been to Uday with a couple of problems and have full confidence in him and would recommend him to anyone.

    By Laraine Hamer (Google reviews - 2023)

  • General health (Online consultation)

    I have been looking for a homeopath cz back home I relied on homoeopathic medicines as I have difficulty swallowing tablets. I am glad I found Uday through amazing reviews. Have only had amazing experience with him and he has helped me my health issues. Always prompt reply and willing to accommodate you, understanding and wanting to help you no matter what. Thank you for an amazing service.

    By Jui Vaidya (Google reviews - 2023)

  • General health

    We had a wonderful experience with the way Uday handled the case. He was thorough in his knowledge and his skills were brilliant in terms of treatment. Would strongly recommend him.

    By Mehernosh Jall (Facebook - 2017)

  • Skin issues

    Strongly recommend Radical cure homoeopathy for any health issues. For the last couple of years, we have been trusting the clinic and Uday for all age groups in the family and it has always worked. Keep up the good work and thank you.

    By Shivani Arora (Facebook - 2017)

  • Thyroid disorders

    I was looking for a homeopathy consultant in Melbourne for a while, as my past experience with homeopathy in India has been good, and someone recommended me to Uday. Its been over a year since i have been visiting him for my treatment of thyroid. I have found his treatment to be really helpful and have noticed a significant improvement in my condition. He gives his complete attention to the patient, has a great eye for detail and his approach to treating his patients is very holistic in nature. i would highly recommend him and homeopathy to everyone who is looking for an alternative medicine treatment.

    By Himani Agarwal (2017)

  • Insomnia

    I had been suffering from insomnia for many years and had tried almost every form of medicine but nothing could help me with the lack of sleep and tiredness throughout the whole day. Then I consulted with Uday and started taking his homeopathic medicines. Within the first week itself I started sleeping better without waking up at nights and my energy levels improved drastically. Ever since I have taken the homeopathic treatment, I have been completely relieved from insomnia and do not have to take any other medications for it. Thank you so much Uday for all your help, your treatment has been such a blessing and I am no longer sleep deprived!

    By Mrs. S. Singh (2017)

  • Recurrent colds and respiratory infections

    My son has been suffering from recurrent colds since he was a few months old. I have tried many options but his colds and respiratory infections become better temporarily leading to re-infections. I came to know about Uday’s homeopathic clinic through a friend’s referral who believed that his treatment had helped her daughter and drastically improved her resistance to infections. When I met Uday I wasn’t completely convinced that the homeopathic treatment would show the kind of improvement I wanted to see in my son. However since this was my first experience with homeopathy I gave it a go for a few weeks. To my surprise, the medicines really worked wonderfully in improving my son’s overall health and boosting his immunity by making him stronger to resist external infections. His colds and flu symptoms were completely gone and he also had started to eat well which was unbelievable as he has always been a very fussy eater. I would like to thank Uday for having patience with us and giving my son freedom from those recurrent respiratory complaints. I wish more people knew about homeopathy and the miraculous benefits of using it.

    Thank you so much,

    By Mrs A. Gupta (2016)

  • Allergic Rhinitis

    Before coming in contact with Uday Nagarkar, my belief in homoeopathic treatments wasn’t that strong. My 12 year old daughter was suffering from frequent colds and coughs since childhood. After seeing an advertisement of radical cure homoeopathy I became hopeful of finding a relief for my daughter. A few consultation sessions with Uday strengthened my belief in this medication and soon my daughter’s health improved. We are very grateful to Uday and would like to express our sincere thanks to him for the wonderful care and treatments offered to our daughter during the terrible bouts of influenza.

    With sincere thanks,

    By Ms. S.K (2016)

  • Hyperacidity and irritable bowel syndrome

    All my life I have been prone to getting hyperacidity and IBS. The complaints became worse when I was either run down, stressed or both. After taking the little white homeopathic pills I have experienced such a relief from my stomach complaints. Thanks to Uday who helped me and eliminated this painful and inconvenient occurrence from ever happening again.

    Thank you,

    By Mr. Syed Ali (2016)

  • Panic attacks with anxiety

    My name is Sonia and I started consulting Uday as a result of my panic attacks. I also used to experience a lot of anxiety. At that time, three months ago, I had recently moved to Australia post marriage and I was very concerned about my emotional wellbeing since I felt very isolated from family members and loved ones.

    Uday has provided exceptional service and support to me through an emotional crisis, he has always been available and responded promptly, professionally and sensitively to my needs. With the help of homeopathic treatment provided by Uday, I have been able to return to a strong and balanced emotional state a lot quicker than I had imagined. I no longer have anxiety and the panic attack occurrences have reduced drastically. I feel much more confident and positive about my emotional well being, Thanks Uday.


    By Sonia (2015)

  • Hypothyroidism

    I believe that allopathy can never give you a cure for any chronic condition . They will only help in suppressing symptoms temporarily . I had frequent colds and flu, plus developed mild hypothyroidism. However, with carefully selected remedies given by Uday, I found that I was out of that rut of throat infections & also got my thyroid levels back to normal. I am ever grateful for his medicines which have always been useful for myself & both my children.

    By Pratima Shankar (Google reviews - 2020)